Jenn Anderson

Surface Design

Creativity Collaborative Inc.

Zinnia Field Fabric, 2 colorways ©2021

Zinnia Field Fabric, 2 colorways ©2021

Blackberry Patch Notebook, 2 colorways ©2021

Blackberry Patch Chickadee Tote Bag ©2021 Illustrated Journals ©2020

Textured Floral Fabric ©2020

Abstraction Tote Bag ©2020

Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Fresh Fish Tea Towels ©2020

Dancing Whales Duvet Cover and Pillows ©2020

Abstract Stones Fabric ©2020

Botanical Print & Wrapping Paper ©2019

New Mexico Nights Cards ©2016

Wild Flower Wrapping Paper ©2018

Autumn Leaves & Meadow Grass Fabric ©2017

Beautiful Sea Fabric Collection, Summer ©2017

Yarn and Buttons Print ©2018

Winter Wonderland Cards ©2016

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