Jenn Anderson

Graphic Design

Creativity Collaborative Inc.

Williamson Gallery, Scripps College 78th Ceramic Annual: exhibition catalog, 76 pages ©2022/23

East Silverleaf Productions, Carrots: film key art, print and digital assets ©2022

Brimstone Boulders, Yoga Playshop: print and digital assets ©2022

Williamson Gallery, Scripps College 77th Ceramic Annual: exhibition catalog, 88 pages ©2022

John Mason: Sculpture 1950-2010: 192 pages ©2018

Interior pages, John Mason: Sculpture

Interior pages, John Mason: Sculpture

Announcement Postcards ©2011-2020

Revolution & Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Castrejón, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero: 177 pages ©2017

Interior pages, Revolution & Ritual

Interior pages, Revolution & Ritual

Williamson Gallery Annual Calendars, Scripps College ©2011-2019

76th Ceramic Annual Exhibition Catalogue: 72 pages ©2019

Interior pages, 76th Ceramic Annual

Interior pages, 76th Ceramic Annual

Interior pages, 76th Ceramic Annual

75th Ceramic Annual Exhibition Catalogue: 128 pages ©2018

73rd Ceramic Annual Exhibition Catalogue: 66 pages ©2017

71st Ceramic Annual Exhibition Catalogue: 58 pages @2014

70th Ceramic Annual Exhibition Catalogue: 86 pages ©2013

Preserving China's Past Exhibition Catalogue: 56 pages ©2015

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