Creativity Collaborative Inc.

Jenn Anderson has been designing for a variety of industries for over twenty-five years, creating a large portfolio of print and digital projects. Utilizing skill sets that include the full spectrum of digital design plus traditional graphite and ink illustration she achieves an aesthetic that is uniquely contemporary while invitingly organic. During her career she has produced and designed books, art catalogues, greeting cards, calendars, postcards, merchandise tags and packaging, t-shirts, fabric, advertising, websites, illustrated motion graphics, and many other items.

Now solely available through her company Creativity Collaborative Inc., she brings her experience to the multiple aspects of design, branding & marketing for regional and national clients. Her work has appeared locally, nationally and internationally on television, in print media and on the web.

The work on view here is a small selection of recent work that is part of a larger portfolio. To see specific project items – such as prints, fabric, books, ads, branding, cards, digital work or other items – please contact us at

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